Complete Detail

Passenger Cars $295.00*
Mid Sized SUVs, Standard Trucks $325.00*
Large SUVs, Vans, 4 Door TrucksĀ  $375.00+*

A complete detail of your vehicle includes a full exterior prep including hand wash, door jams, wheel wells cleaned, Carnauba hand paste wax and dressing the tires.

The interior of your vehicle will receive a complete shampoo including carpets and mats, cloth seats, leather seats will be cleaned and conditioned, mats, dash, vents, door panels, door pockets, headliner, glove box, console and trunk, and all door jams.
All exterior and interior glass will be cleaned.

*Add an engine steam clean with a complete detail purchase......for only $15.00 more!

Mini Detail


Your vehicle will receive a complete exterior hand wash. Carnauba hand wax and tire dressing on the outside, as well as vacuum the carpet, wipe down the door jams, wipe the dash/console and clean all interior glass on the inside.

Exterior Only Wash and Paste Wax


Complete Interior Detail


An interior detail of your vehicle comes with a complete shampoo including carpets, cloth seats, leather seats cleaned and conditioned, dash, vents, door pockets, door panels, headliner, glove box, console, trunk, door jams and all glass.

*Also includes a courtesy exterior wash with tire dressing*
**Additional charges may be applied for pet hair, smoke, sand, heavy staining etc**

Auto Maintenance

Please Call for Pricing

We offer the following services

Fluid Exchange
- Transmission
- Coolant
- Oil Changes
Brake Inspections
Tire Rotations/Shocks
Belt Replacements
Battery/Charge System Testing
Battery Replacement
Headlight Servicing/Bulbs
Cabin/Air Filter Replacements
Winterizing Services